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1000 Lph. -50000 Lph.

We have a wide range of Treatment plant from 1000 to 50,000 LPH. The WTP are designed on the basis of the analysis report of the raw water. Out customised units cater requirements of each and every customer. We designed and install small, medium and large purification systems with 100% performance satisfaction guarantee. The treatment plant will remove excess Colour, Odour, nSuspended particles, Bad taste, Turbidity, Iron, Hardness etc., in the raw water.

Our products are:

Sand Filters
Anthracite filters
Activated carbon filters
Water softeners
Iron Removing filters
Reverse osmosis plants
Automatic dossing pumps

About US

Aquaneeta is the leading manufacturer of domestic reverse-osmosis(RO)+UV drinking water filtration systems in India. We are based out of the City of Cochin, Ernakulam where we custom design and build our famous Reverse Osmosis Systems.

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