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Reverse osmosis is the process of producing finest quality of water for many commercial and industrial purpose. Our RO plants are the cost effective solutions for producing pure quality water from poor quality water. Because of the physical and chemical parameters like colour, odour, hardness, dissolved solids etc we are getting really hard to cope up our day today life.The pre -treatment process will remove most of the physical property of water and RO membrane will remove dissolved solids upto 95% in the raw water.All our RO plants are carefully customized. Our RO plant is widely accepted due to its simple operation and ability to withstand various in feed water quality.


The pre-treatment involves removal of bacteria and dissolved iron present in the raw water by dosing it with sodium hypo chlorate and allow to settle in an aeration tank.
The water is then filtered through a sand ,carbon and a water softener (optional) to remove colour ,odour, and suspended solids present in the raw water
The pH corrected by a dosing pump
The SMPS dosing system remove residual chlorine from the water
The anti scalent is added using a dosing pump to prevent scaling over the membrane and also increase the life of the membrane
This water is then passes through a micro filtration unit to eliminate micro sediments.
The water is then filtered through RO membrane using High pressure pump , where the whole process is controlled by auto/manual control panel system.
The water is then collected to a storage tank.


The water is then pass through an UV system for eliminating presence of bacteria and virus from the water
Ozone disinfection process is further carried out for bottling drinking water and other beverages usages.

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Aquaneeta is the leading manufacturer of domestic reverse-osmosis(RO)+UV drinking water filtration systems in India. We are based out of the City of Cochin, Ernakulam where we custom design and build our famous Reverse Osmosis Systems.

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