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Centralized Water Purifiers

300 Lph. -5000 Lph.

Ordinary water purifiers designed for domestic use often do not meet the requirements o f schools, hotels, hospitals where large quantity is needed. Also the remote installation feature helps the user access only the water outlets not to the machines. It ensures additional protection to machine from rough handling and provide much safety. The sediment, carbon filters associated with UV system deliver fine quality of water with low cost.


Schools: Single machine for entire building, low maintenance cost.
Hotels: High flow machine for kitchen and water coolers, No boiling required, very economical.
Hospitals: Water disinfection systems for scrubbers, dental chairs, water coolers etc.
Villas: Fully bacteria free water for entire house, Micron filter protects premium bath fittings from choking.
Factories and food export units: Disinfection system for drinking and food processing.

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Aquaneeta is the leading manufacturer of domestic reverse-osmosis(RO)+UV drinking water filtration systems in India. We are based out of the City of Cochin, Ernakulam where we custom design and build our famous Reverse Osmosis Systems.

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