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Chlorine Buster

Aquaneeta chlorine bluster uses activated carbon for dechlorination of water. Activated carbon is a porous material that attracts and hold harmful chemicals in water and thereby provide chlorine free water. Particles that are greater than 0.5 microns are easily removed by activated carbon filtration systems. It is popular among homeowners as it is easy to replace during scheduled maintenance and is relatively lower in cost. For a healthy life use dechlorinated water.

Impacts of excess chlorine::

Hair fall
Patchy dryness
Lungs problem(asthmatic symptom)
Colon & rectal cancer
Pregnant women - higher miscarriage& birth defect rate
Ageing prematurely
Imbalance of natural health
Wrinkles on skin
Blotchy skin

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Aquaneeta is the leading manufacturer of domestic reverse-osmosis(RO)+UV drinking water filtration systems in India. We are based out of the City of Cochin, Ernakulam where we custom design and build our famous Reverse Osmosis Systems.

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