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MAXTORA has an elegant table top design with transparent cover. It makes all the components in the purifier easily visible. The 15 L storage tank has a unique water level indicator that shows the level of water in it. This helps to ensure continuous supply of purified water even in the absence of electricity or running tap water. Dry tap protection is a feature of Maxtora that puts the equipment in sleep mode if ever there is lack of water flow. This helps to avoid the water inlet valve burning out.Maxtora water purifiers have a flow rate of 12–15 LPH.The auto cut off valve makes sure that the water flow stops when the tank is full.The switch mode power supply (SMPS) provides protection during low and high voltages. There are three models of Maxtora purifiers available in the market – Maxtora, Maxtora Plus and MaxtoraPremia.

Maxtora uses the purification methods known as Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultrafiltration (UF). It has four stages of filtration, and even includes a double purification system whereby the purified water is purified again. Maxtora Plus uses purification by Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet purification (UV) and TE purification. It uses a five stage filtration method. It uses powerful UV and the UV sensor helps with monitoring the aspects such as the lamp intensity. The 11 W UV lamp instead of the industry standard 8W UV lamp provides better safety from harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses. MaxtoraPremia uses purification using RO, UF, UV and TE and uses a six stage filtration system. It has an LED display indicator, which can let you know when the filter needs changing. Like Maxtora Plus, MaxtoraPremia also uses powerful UV. It also has a UV lamp fail alarm. The auto backwash feature cleans the RO membrane every 30 seconds resulting in reliable operation and long life.Maxtora, Maxtora Plus and MaxtoraPremia costRs 12,990/-, Rs 14,490/- and Rs 15990/- respectively.

Reverse Osmosis removes bacteria, viruses and germs from water. In addition to these RO is also able to remove dissolved inorganic impurities such as pesticides, lead, nitrates and detergents. RO filters use electricity to increase the pressure of tap water before it passes through the semipermeable membrane used for filtration. Rather than removing germs and viruses, the UV purification method kills them. There is no need to increase the pressure of regular tap water. It is a chemical free purification method and avoids wastage of water during the purification process. But UV purification cannot remove dissolved salts or heavy metals from the water. It also cannot work in murky water as it needs clear water to be able to reach the micro-organisms to be destroyed. UF purification uses larger holes in the membrane when compared to RO membranes. It can work without electricity and will filter all micro-organisms. But UF filtration cannot remove dissolved salts from the water.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the water can determine the taste of the water. TDS usually comprise minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphates and chlorides. Water with a high TDS content can taste bitter, salty or metallic. It may also smell unpleasant.Dissolved solids make water hard and can leave deposits on fixtures such as taps, pipes and boilers. Hard water can stain utensils and often even corrode water pipes. A higher concentration of TDS can imply that the water may contain higher levels of harmful minerals such as arsenic which is known to cause cancer and skin diseases. Although Reverse Osmosis can effectively remove the dissolved minerals from hard water, and thus make it soft and safe for ingestion, RO removes all the minerals in the water, including those that are beneficial to humans, such as calcium and magnesium.Taste Enhancer or TE, a special feature used by Aquaneeta, can add healthy minerals to water, and help maintain a healthy pH level.Maxtora Plus and MaxtoraPremiause a TE filter to enhance the quality of purified water.


Purification by RO+UF+TE+UV
15 L storage capacity
Water level indicator
Auto cut off
SMPS with low and high voltage protection
Table top design
Dry tap protection
Six stage filtration
Flow rate-12-15 LPH
LED display indicator
Powerful UV with sensor
UV lamp fail alarm
Auto flush indicator

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